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MaryVitas  Asensio

     January 23, 1946 – December 28, 2010

One of the great ladies in fashion and the world of art, MaryVitas Asensio, died  in Valencia at the age of 64.
MaryVitas had an instinct for style in all things.  As in her own jewelry and fashion designs. She was a design alchemist. Was absolutely singular, remarkable and intriguing.
She had a wit and an ability to see the giddy world of fashion with a sometimes amused detachment and had fearless style, always dressed with a certain spirit of fantasy.
When MaryVitas Asensio, passed  at the age of 64, there was an immediate and heartfelt outpouring on Facebook from those that knew her personally and those who simply admired her elegant way and her life as an influential style icon.

Peter Morrison recalls: “ I was at the Mostra Film of Valencia, accompanied by actress Tippi Hedren to and I remember when we were introduced to MaryVitas Asensio, we were shocked to its beauty and its wonderful black eyes. The most beautiful and deep eyes, I’ve seen in my life.   A striking beauty. Chicest, chicest woman I’d ever seen.”
James De Taylor, praised her “extraordinary elegance” and her ability to connect people. “One loved you straight away, dear MaryVitas, from the very first instant, and one loved you forever,” he said. “I admired her for her grace, her elegance and generosity; she was so open minded about everything. She was one of the women I loved the most and I will never forget.”

Mª Nieves  Asensio ~ “MaryVitas” Asensio – was born in  Valencia, Spain on January  23, 1946.
She was the true descendant of a line of formidably stylish women.  Her mother, Mª Nieves Gómez Pedreira, was a heart-stopping beauty with class and elegance only natural that his daughter would inherit. “Startling,  beautiful face and an infinite mystery.”
After completing his studies, he began working in the field of fashion. His extraordinary beauty, her slender figure, and his well-known taste, were admired and imitated. It had become a style icon. Considered a great diva.
His passion for art, paintings and antiques, make him leave the world of fashion. It was a good painter. Original artist like few others.
MaryVitas Asensio has assiduously worked as a restorer of old, and dedicate all the way to his career.
It was the owner of the Gallery “La Cúpula” in Valencia (Spain), and was a cultural landmark of the city.

She was truely one of a kind and you can’t find anyone like her in this world- never will. Aside from her kind heart, she was perfect in every one of her features.
Watch this beautiful creature mature before your very eyes and the beauty that she seems to endlessly possess.
Died after battling of lung cancer. He was 64.

R.I.P MaryVitas!    we’ll never forget you.

MaryVitasMaryVitas AsensioMaryVitas Asensio

This is a fantastic tribute to MaryVitas Asensio. Was absolutely stunning!  Classy and elegant beauty. We can never bring her back, but at least we can keep her memory alive with lovely videos like this one.
Really touched my heart. I just LOVE this video. Lovely and touching.


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10 responses to “Tribute to MaryVitas Asensio

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  1. ¡Que gran homenaje Elizabeth! Es maravilloso y MaryVitas era toda una belleza… Está impresionante en todas las fotos. Dios la tenga en su Gloria.
    Gracias Elizabeth por compartir este precioso homenaje con todos nosotros. Besos

  2. My dear Elizabeth, thank you very much for your words and for participating in this tribute to my dearest sister.
    Many kisses, Ricardo

  3. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    My dearest Ricardo & Tania, thank you very much for writing.

    Gorgeous tribute to MaryVitas. She was breathtakingly beautiful. What a loss!
    It will be remembered forever. She will always be with us in our memory! God Bless

  4. Con ammirazione e silenzio….. Grazie Elizabeth!
    Ciao bacioni

  5. Cara Elizabeth, è un capolavoro… Bellissimo tributo! ♥ Bellissima MaryVitas… Straordinaria! RIP

    Caro Ricardo, non avrebbe potuto avere sorella migliore. Grazie per un grande Omaggio. Un ‘abbraccio di ammirazione.


  6. Video meraviglioso che immortala una bellezza senza fine. Davvero meraviglioso, anzi…meravigliosa MaryVitas!
    Un ‘abbraccio di ammirazione.

  7. Gracias Elizabeth! Me ha encantado tu homenaje a MaryVitas Asensio. Fué una gran persona y bellísima mujer, con una clase extraordinaria.
    Siempre la recordaremos por su simpatia y esa belleza espectacular. Bsss

  8. What a fitting tribute. She was really, really beautiful. What a great lady. That’s why she was so special and loved by everyone who knew her.

  9. Una bellezza, una classe senza pari. Indimenticabile….. Purtroppo la vita non si puo cambiare. Si va avanti, e sempre piu triste.
    Ciao MaryVitas sempre nei nostri cuori.

  10. Spectacular!!! Always so beautiful… your photos… Thanks a lot…

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